Heavy Blade, First-Person Hack-and-Slash Dungeon Crawler Enters Early Access
Heavy Blade

Egerter Software and Rocking Pocket Games revealed that Heavy Blade is currently available right now in Early Access on Steam. The game is a first-person dungeon crawler where you acquire swords, axes, and maces, and cut, bash, slash, and crush your way through various human, monster, and undead foe alike.

The hook for Heavy Blade is that it’s designed to be fast and furious, pitting players up against 16 unique enemy types, as well as acquiring five different weapon types and multiple elemental buffs, while battling through 30 different dungeons. Along the way there are traps to dodge, minions to slay, and treasure to discover.

The loot-and-slash gameplay is expected to offer gamers around eight through 10 hours of (re)playability.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what it’s like.

Visually the game sports real-time dynamic lights, with shadow maps that scale up to 4Kx4K resolutions, along with per pixel lighting, bump maps, specular highlighting, and real-time light passes.

What’s most surprising is just how fast the game is. They mention that it’s fast-paced but I wasn’t prepared for it to be that fast-paced. The combat is lightning quick, and things get hair fast and also resolve just as quickly as they start.

Heavy Blade is also all about equal opportunity destruction. Men, women, beasts and foul creatures from the who bathe in the fiery lakes of hell will all become victims of your wrath.

What interesting design mechanic is that the game does not have multiple floors. It all takes place on one plane, similar to the old-school first-person shooters back before the id Tech went 3D.

You can check out Heavy Blade right now over on the Steam store page. The developers have plans on keeping the game in Early Access for about eight months.


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