Help a Gangster Cook Eggs, Battle Mecha on Corona Black
Corona Black

Definitely not a new brand of beer, Corona Black is in fact much more ludicrous.

This is the story of one Dominic Shade. The ex-gangster apparently has more than your average turf war to contend with it seems, as he struggles with being a family man and the soul-piercing grip of an existential crisis.

One day he decides to leave it all behind, return to his pride at Rain city and well, I’ll let him explain.

I’m not sure what I’m more upset about; the fact that there seems to be no yolks in that omelet or that besides the monochromatically brilliant pieces of art on its social media, OTA IMON doesn’t want to tell me much about the ridiculousness they’re building.

Thankfully Corona Black earned itself a Mech Battle Demo release sometime yesterday, across platforms of and GameJolt. It turns out that somewhere between smearing ketchup over his mug and battling paranoia, Shade finds himself working on the COWBOY.

Which really is a bipedal combat machine with intent of helping his best friend win THE FINAL FORTNIGHT mech contest. The demo instantly pits you against the WORMAGEDDON that arrives with fully fortified armored head, arms and torso units.

CORONA BLACK'S First Gameplay Video!

Week 18 – 100% Gameplay , 100% Original Soundtrack! Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally have a game. 🤟 #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #gameplay #madewithunity #indie #IndieGameDev #indiegamesSemana 18 – 100% Gameplay , 100% Trilha Sonora Original! Senhoras e senhores, a gente finalmente tem um jogo.

Posted by OTA IMON on Thursday, May 10, 2018

In turn-based fashion either of the robots are permitted to Move within the vicinity of their opponents, Attack, set up Defensive measures in anticipation or Reload/Repair onboard systems. The COWBOY correspondingly comes with two varieties of punches – Knockback and Recon – an automated rifle and magnetic body armor.

Strategy is imperative as Rifle usage demands the availability of a Rifle Ammo and at least a unit’s space between the combating mech. In absence of the latter, a Knockback punch serves to put distance between the two.

What makes it even more enjoyable is that every action/result is communicated in illustrated visual novel style, punctuated by illustrations of a cheering crowd. The underlying eccentricity of its narrative can be sensed, and will also apparently contain elements of the point n’click nature.

Shade Smoking!

Week 15 – Whatever you do… do it WITH STYLE!😎 #indiegames #indiegame #indiedev #coronablack #gameDesign #game #screenshotsaturdaySemana 15 – Seja lá o que for fazer… faça COM ESTILO!

Posted by OTA IMON on Friday, April 27, 2018

Release period is a very relaxed 2020/2021 with a vertical slice planned.


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