Hunt: Showdown Update Nerfs Camping, Adds 5 New Weapons, 11 New Outfits
Hunt Showdown Update

Crytek may only be a shell of what it once was, but it hasn’t stopped the team working on Hunt: Showdown from pumping out new content on a regular basis.

The first major content update for the first-person, co-op-and-competitive shooter features five all new weapons with scopes attached, as well as two new tactical bombs, and 11 all new outfits for the available Hunters in the game. They’ve also added 12 new customizable traits for the Hunters, giving gamers more variety in how they specialize and upgrade their particular Hunter.

One of the big new changes to the update is a rework of the map layout in order to limit camping opportunities.

Over on the Hunt: Showdown website, there’s a blog post breaking down how they’ve modified the compounds and changed certain areas so campers can no longer instantly gain an advantage during a match.

The 11 minute video also covers a lot of the different terrain, shrubs, and filling out areas like the lake so that you can’t just camp and snipe every player who moves through the marsh.

In the original design of the map, the marsh was mostly open and it was easy for players to camp inside the compound and snipe players moving through the marsh.

Just about every other major point of interest on the map has also undergone some facelifts and upgrades, including having more cover added to just about every entrance and exit, and more shrubbery and foliage padded out around open-fields and areas that forced you traverse across spaces without any sort of cover.

Weapon allotments have also been re-categorized, including placing each weapon in either a small, medium or large weapon category. This means you can either carry a large and a small weapon, or a large weapon and a medium weapon, or a medium weapon and a small weapon.

Crytek also made some changes to the AI, improving their spawn-rates around map clues, and allowing solo hunters to finally operate the elevator lifts, which previously required two players in order to get them to function properly.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available on Steam in Early Access for $29.99.


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