Judge Dredd 95 Revived On Steam For $7.99
Judge Dredd (1995)

Probe Software, Rebellion and Throwback Entertainment have collaborated together to revive Judge Dredd, the 1995 video game that was originally published by Acclaim Entertainment for the 16-bit consoles and portable devices. The game is currently available over on the Steam store for $7.99. During the first week of being on sale, you can grab the game for 15% off for only $6.79.

The old-school platformer is a traditional side-scrolling action title where you take on the role of the one and only Judge Dredd. The old 16-bit platformer lets you shoot, kill, and play through 12 different levels set within the 2000AD universe property, completing more than 30 different missions and using the Lawgiver to fulfill your role-play as a current day American police officer to be a judge, jury and executioner across Mega City 1. You’ll eventually have to hunt down Judge Rico and face off against the Dark Judges along the way. Collecting power-ups and spilling guts like no tomorrow.

You can check out the longplay gameplay video below courtesy of silenig.

You have to love the fact that back then this game let you play a real badass. They encouraged you, as an enforcer of the law, to kill, maim and destroy if the perps didn’t obey you. Back then games were made to be hard, but they also let you play as testosterone-fueled heroes who didn’t give two craps about the people they killed.

These days you play as a lot of thugs and degenerates, and developers have stopped glorifying hardened LEOs like Robocop and Judge Dredd, or Max Payne or Jack Slate from Dead to Rights. Those were the good times, when men were real men and anybody sporting a schlong only had one gender pronoun.

Anyway, if you want to relive the glory days of gaming, back when developers weren’t afraid to let you play as a real hero, a true enforcer of the law, then you can pick up a digital copy of Judge Dredd right now from the Steam store for $7.99.


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