Mars Horizon Sees You Trying To Survive In Space And On Mars

Folks on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be able to figure out how to venture out into space, land on Mars, and colonize a new world for human beings to live on in Auroch Digital’s upcoming 2018 game: Mars Horizon.

Looking for a game that is scientifically inspired and supported by the UK Space Agency? Well, Auroch Digital’s Mars Horizon is said to feature the above while tasking you with choosing an agency and managing the entire campaign from launch to landing.

Moreover, you can build bases, strike-up allegiances, manage resources, and attempt to be the first to establish an inhabitable colony on Mars:

“In Mars Horizon the player is tasked with leading a major space agency from the dawn of the space age though to humanity’s journey to Mars. Players run a government space agency from when the first rockets launched into the atmosphere, right through to the first crewed mission to Mars. Research new tech, expand your agency base, build rockets, send satellites into orbit, and launch a variety of missions. As the player, you’re in charge of every element of the journey into space. Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in late 2018.”

If you like to enter into diplomatic partnerships with other agencies by sharing rewards and tech to advance space travel, it’s more than possible, or you can go in alone and figure out all things space on your own.

Furthermore, Mars Horizon lets you construct your very own dream rocket from multiple parts and save designs for future missions.

You can check out the official reveal trailer that Auroch Digital – GameTheNews has up their YouTube channel.

Mars Horizon will release early on PC via Steam Early Access sometime in 2018. However, if you like to game on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch the space simulator will hit all three platforms late in 2018.

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