Memories Of Mars Trailer Outlines The Dangerous Seasons Mechanic
Memories of Mars

505 Games and Limbic Entertainment’s Memories of Mars still hasn’t entered into Early Access, yet. However, they did release a new trailer explaining how the solar flares can create seasonal effects on the red planet that will require players to adapt to the damaging and world-changing effects that come with the planetary event.

Basically, when the solar flares hit it destroys everything in its path, including the clones roaming around on the surface of Mars. Once the damage is done players will load up into a new clone and will have to re-download the old clone’s memory module, which comes with knowledge and the skill-base in order to continue developing and colonization of the red planet.

They showcase how the effects work and some of the team base-building and PvP that also come along with surviving the Mars simulator.

As you can see, the harsh weather conditions of Mars will absolutely rip your base to shreds. I do wonder if it’s possible to eventually fortify your base to the point where it no longer falls victim to the solar flares that randomly occur?

Beyond that, the base-building looks about as solid as you would expect from a game like Memories of Mars, but the real highlight resides in the first-person shooter mechanics, which look exceptionally polished for a survival game.

There are also other NPCs roaming about that you can compete with for survival, as well as potential means for acquiring rare resources and questing opportunities.

You can explore a number of different locations spread across the surface, including caves, canyons, meteor sites and terraformed cities.

Limbic Entertainment has been hosting closed beta sessions leading up to the Early Access release. They’ve been using the CBT to fix issues like door collisions, floating objects residing outside the play area, elevator glitches, resource value balancing, along with the ability to turn on and turn off chat so you don’t have to worry about censoring and punishing other players for chat you don’t want to see.

The full game will feature PvE and private servers, but for now the team is working on getting everything fixed up right proper before focusing on giving players the option to start up private servers.

You can keep track of Memories of Mars by visiting the Steam store page as it readies for release into Early Access.


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