Michel Ancel And Ubisoft Briefly Talk Beyond Good And Evil 2 Combat And Ships

Beyond Good and Evil 2’s senior creative director, Michel Ancel, and Ubisoft released the second Space Monkey Report and tagging along with it is brief details on Beyond Good and Evil 2‘s combat, ships, and maneuvers. The action-adventure game currently has no release date or platforms announced yet.

The latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 pre-alpha gameplay that Ubisoft showcased takes a look at ground combat, spaceships, animations, maneuvers and how the prequel looks so far.

Firstly, two important gameplay mechanics that the devs are working on happens to be the ships and characters on the ground. According to content director Julien Chevallier, you can board an enemy ship, roam around on it, raid it and then use your jetpack to fly back to your ship and continue on your journey.

Moreover, pirates will be further explained in the prequel; where questions about their mysterious ways and disappearance will be answered.

Taking a look away from pirates and to how Beyond Good and Evil 2 is coming along, creative manager, Jean-Marc Geffroy, noted that the game is pretty advanced and that prototyping is happening at this very moment:

“The design of the game is pretty advanced now. We know where we are going, so we’re in this phase of prototyping a lot of things today. So, it’s cool.”

Before looking at the newly posted video, content director, Chevallier, explained that it’s best to stick together and form an armada when playing Beyond Good and Evil 2 with friends since splitting up can lead to losing one another in the vast worlds in System 3:

“In Beyond Good and Evil 2, we have huge spaces, so we have a lot of speed and it’s really hard in multiplayer to follow each other at low speed so you will quickly lose your friends and that’s why you have the armada. Because in the armada, you can look behind your friends.”

With all of that said, you can read the official description that went up with the new Beyond Good and Evil 2 video trailer, which shows brief segments of combat, ships, and maneuvers:

“The latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 update features new gameplay footage on how players can navigate the world via jetpack and ship, and how groups of co-op players can stay close together when traveling at high speeds by forming an armada. Additionally, you’ll get a fresh look at how melee combat is coming together, with a taste of some work-in-progress footage of Shani showing off some elaborate combat moves with her staff.”

Lastly, Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, is confident that the prequel will appeal to both longtime fans and those who are new to the franchise.

You can learn more about Beyond Good and Evil 2 by heading on over to news.ubisoft.com or bgegame.com.


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