Monomyth, First-Person Medieval Dungeon Game In Development For PC

Are you looking for a medieval dungeon game to play? Well, lone-wolf developer Rat Tower has Monomyth in the works. The first-person action-adventure game running on Unreal Engine 4 is currently in development for PC and has a new written update on progress made so far.

Without wasting any time, Monomyth is a product of Steam Greenlight and later passed the voting phase before the platform went kaput. The lone developer, however, is still working on Monomyth, with both the official description and older trailer sitting below.

“Monomyth is an action-oriented first-person dungeon crawler with free movement and active combat. Inspired by the legendary King’s Field series, this gripping RPG will lead you into the vast fortress of Lysandria, a place filled with savage enemies, deadly traps and hidden treasures.”

Monomyth level designs are said to be coming together quite well, as well as other aspects of the game as of this moment. You can read the full rundown on what’s currently going on with the game by hitting up

Taking a look over to Monomyth’s gameplay features, both melee and ranged weapons are a thing. However, spells and arrows require precise aim to take down a target, especially if you prefer using ranged attacks.

As for the enemies of Monomyth, each has a rich background and are entangled in deadly rivalries. In other words, infighting will happen in this game like in the original Doom and Doom 2 games.

On the topic of monsters/enemies, they do not spawn in the same place over and over again. Each time through the fortress there will be a different experience, where once a single enemy nested, you may encounter a group of enemies at another time or maybe even a unique challenger, carrying precious equipment.

Back in 2017 Monomyth was slated to release Q4 2018, but that has now changed to “TBA.” The good news is that RatTower is making significant progress and is sharing it on the game’s Twitter account if you are curious as to how this PC game is coming along.


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