Nintendo Switch Ver 2 Launches In Japan Without A Dock For $230
Nintendo Switch Ver 2

I don’t know how well people would really enjoy having their hands on a Nintendo Switch without a dock, an AC adapter or a USB charging cable, but over in Japan if you’re desperate to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, you can purchase one for ¥24,980, which rounds out close to $230 USD. picked up the news from over on the official Nintendo of Japan website, where the company announced that a new dockless Nintendo Switch will be available in Japan for ¥24,980.

The dockless Switch does not come with an AC adapter or a USB charging cable, so there’s no way to charge it or power it up unless you have a spare AC adapter or USB cable to plug into the device.

So what do you get for $230? Well, you get the base console, a pair of Joy-Con controllers, and wrist-straps. You do not get the TV docking station nor the AC adapter, nor the Joy-Con controller dock, nor the HDMI cable.

There’s actually a brief comparison of all what you get and what you don’t get on the Nintendo of Japan site, and it’s quite telling that for $70 less you get the console and controllers and nothing else.

I suppose it’s worth asking: is a dockless Nintendo Switch for $230 worth it to you?

Still seems a little steep, especially since there’s no way to charge it unless you already have a Nintendo Switch and already have a dock, or if you have a spare USB cable lying around. Otherwise you’ll have a console but no way to really use it beyond the initial battery lifespan.

Right now it appears as if this is going to be exclusively available in Japan as part of the customizable Nintendo Switch line over on the Nintendo of Japan store, but I do wonder if it will eventually make its way westward?


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