Omensight, Murder-Mystery Hack-and-Slash Game Launches For PS4, PC

Canadian developers Spearhead Games announced that their genre-defying action-adventure game, Omensight, is currently available right now for PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. You can pick up a digital copy of the game for just $19.99 from either the Steam store or the PlayStation Store. Steam gamers will also get a 10% off discount on the game during the first week of sale, while European gamers will be able to get a 20% off discount for the first two weeks for the game’s availability on the PlayStation Store.

The title brings together a mixture of a lore-rich murder-mystery working as the narrative hook for the game, while the actual gameplay itself is closer akin to that of a hack-and-slash action game.

Omensight is themed around the fantasy world of Urralia, as it nears its end. A cataclysmic event has fallen the world in the form of a crucial protector having been murdered. The war-torn planet sees a mediator stepping into view known as the Harbinger. Players will control the Harbinger, surveying events and monitoring the actors involved with the murder. You’ll either aid or watch the various individuals and attempt to use the power of the Omensight to discover who the culprit of the murder is and bring them to justice.

You can see how the gameplay unfolds with the Omensight launch trailer below.

The art-style reminds me a little bit of Pyre.

Players can either keep their distance and survey the events or jump directly into action, teaming with the various cast of characters and fighting against the void monsters using the “warp flow” combat system, which is themed around time-altering spells and other powerful magic attacks.

I’m definitely curious how this game plays out because we don’t get many titles where players are forced to experiment and unfold the narrative at their own doing. Usually stories unfold in very linear ways, oftentimes through corridor-style storytelling.

If it works out and gamers actually enjoy it, then it’s all good.

You can purchase a digital copy of Omensight right now for PC or PS4. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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