Point, Click The Once Water Colored Life of Delta in Search of Dad

The local army’s been vying to pick the tech-savvy brains of Delta’s father, so that must have been it right?

Whether Delta’s packing sufficient ammunition I’m not sure, but he’s out for certain to get his dad back from the clutches of a vastly post-apocalyptic Japan and it’s every bit daunting.

For one, the humans are no more after some or the other Great War. In their place reside once domesticated pets, now massive humanoid beasts thanks to a little sprinkle of radiation. Said radiation has apparently granted them the ability to form governments, make slaves of the remnant robotic race and run for mayor even.

Scattered across Life of Delta’s dystopian wasteland are the various – over 30 actually, as per Airo Games – LucasArts-type personalities previewed in the trailer; traders, for instance, who are willing to play taxi with their Buthan Cows when not peddling the latest in junk, drifters with barely functional flying ships, voodoo chemists and a few eight-legged assortments.

The trailer further clarifies that in search of his father, Delta will rely more on brains rather than brawn; this by making full use of the game’s point n’ click mechanics to take down all 25 levels of narrative.

Interrupting these are diverse mini-games of the logical kind – match symbols against an interface to have Delta recharged, hack others or run stealth against porky cops. At the time of writing this however, I’m more so distracted by Shaun Ryland’s 80’s cyberpunk-themed track of sounds playing in the background.

That this arrives with distinctly Asian flavors is no surprise given Airo Games’ admitted fascination with the culture, emphasized by its art style that started out water-colored, was almost replaced by 3D renders, before opting to creatively merge the two for a layered hand-painted finish.

Indeed it’s beautiful and so is the Collector’s Edition; Life of Delta has amassed over a 100 crowd-funders in the 10 days that it’s been in the running for a proposed DRM-free/Steam release.


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