ShiRO 011 Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch, Features 1-Hit Kill 5 Min Deathmatches
SHiRO 011

The Unreal Engine 4-powered thirtd-person shooter is like Unreal Tournament meets Superhot. The game is scheduled to enter into Early Access soon for PC gamers on Steam, but it’s also coming soon to the hybrid gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement trailer for the Switch version of the game is absolutely brilliant, set to the tune of “Ave Marie”. The hook for the game is that matches take place across 5 minute rounds where every shot is a kill shot now matter where it lands, whether it’s from a pistol or a rocket launcher.

We get a freeze photography shot of the arena where chaos is currently unfolding. The results are a color-stained splat on the floor and the walls, as the physics-based mechanics kick in and character models ragdoll across the arena.

You can check out the debut trailer for SHiRO 011 below, courtesy of Dante Nintendo Switch World.

Visually the game has a cool robotic look to it, with the characters resembling new-school crash test dummies set within a very sterile-style deathmatch arena.

The brightly colored character models make for easy targets set against the minimalist grayish off-white backdrops.

The game will only stay in Early Access for a short amount of time. According to BARS Studios e.U., they will spend a couple of months in Early Access and prep for a full 2019 release.

The full version of the game will have higher quality animations, vehicles, larger maps, a cooperative and single-player campaign mode, and a cooperative level editor where up to eight players can work together to build maps.

While a bunch of other games out there seem to be themed around mimicking the Battle Royale genre or copying and pasting the Counter-Strike mechanics, it’s nice to see some studios stepping outside the box with games like SHiRO 011.

You can look for SHiRO 011 to launch soon on the Nintendo Switch and to enter into Early Access on Steam. You can wishlist or follow the game right now by visiting the Steam store page.


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