Techland Is Currently Working On Two “AAA” Games

It looks like Techland has two new AAA games in the works that might make an appearance either at E3 2018 or Gamescom 2018. The information about these AAA games come from Techland’s career section, which calls for “talented” people to help with a “brand new AAA project.”

Techland has been very quiet about its portfolio of upcoming games/projects in recent times. I think it’s safe to say that Techland’s show at E3 2018 and Gamescom 2018, so far, will come in as a complete surprise, unless some leak pops up.

What is known so far about Techland’s upcoming show for the summer game events is that there will be an “action/adventure game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One” with a side of “jump and run simulation.”

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If the above project has any relations to the following job listings, it looks like the two AAA games could appear at either of the two events.

Firstly, the Wrocław and Warszawa studios need a Senior 3D Artist, Senior Level Designer, and Rigging Artist to help the development of whatever these projects may be.

The first job listing calls for a Senior 3D Artist “to create 3D models” for Techland’s “next big title.”

Senior 3D Artist

Wrocław, Warszawa


Your main task will be to create 3D models for our next big title.

The second job listing calls for a Senior Level Designer to help with “two large AAA games.”

Senior Level Designer

Wrocław, Warszawa


We are working on two large AAA games. One of our projects is being created in Wrocław, the other one in Warsaw. We are looking for talented and experienced Level Designer, who will support work on Wroclaw tittle.


The main task in this position is to create attractive gameplay and an engaging story for the player will experience, through:


  • designing, building locations, scripting, iterating and optimizing levels / quests in the open world game

The third job listing calls for a Rigging Artist to help create and implement “a variety of rigs for” Techland’s “brand new AAA project.”

Rigging Artist



creating and implementing a variety of rigs for our brand new AAA project.

It’s worth noting that there are a plethora of job listings over on, which if you want to be a sleuth and find out more you can do so by hitting up the given link.

Lastly, it looks like none of these AAA games are Call of Juarez. Although Techland says that it loves the series and that we might see another iteration at some point in the future, it has nothing to announce anytime soon.


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