The Farm 51 Believes World War 3 Will Prove To Be A Hit

Fans looking forward to The Farm 51’s World War 3 can sink their teeth into some information about the upcoming PC game, which comes from Łukasz Rosiński — vice president of The Farm 51. Rosiński was a guest on Prosto z Parkietu and briefly highlights some things about World War 3.

If you don’t know, World War 3 is said to mirror EA and DICE’s Battlefield 4 and relies on teamwork, vehicles, and infantry play to win a match. This information was relayed during the early part of April, which several Polish publications were able to view the game and were all blow away by how “promising” the game looked.

Well, not too long ago, another Polish publication site had the chance to talk with Łukasz Rosiński, and more information about the futuristic FPS online game has come to light.

Firstly, Rosiński was asked why his team his so quiet about World War 3 and if he could reveal any details. He responded by saying:

“This game is our response to market trends that we have noticed over the years. It is mainly about the growing interest of gamers playing online multiplayer games. We decided on a low price point between 19.90 – 29.90 euros. You can play the game for several hundred hours and shouldn’t get bored. What exactly is World War 3? It’s our artistic approach to what the Third World War might look like. We believe that, like the previous ones, it can start in Central Europe. In the initial version, we will have three key maps: Berlin, Moscow, and Warsaw.”

The publication site wanted to know the current production stage of World War 3, which Rosiński responded:

“It is fully playable, including the multiplayer mode. We are now testing the alpha version. This is the most important phase, the online mode has to work great. The game must run fluid, etc., otherwise everything falls apart.”

Later on, Rosiński was asked when could gamers expect World War 3′s premiere to which he replied:

“Before I say anything more about the premiere, I would like to explain why we keep this game in such secrecy. We have a lot of interesting features in it and we do not want anyone to copy them. We do this for the project, the company, and the shareholders. We are preparing to show the game in the first half of the year and the premiere is planned for the second half – we do not want any of that to roll over into the fourth quarter.”

Furthermore, the publication site wanted to know more about World War 3′s premiere and asked Rosiński if the game will have a global/world premiere:

“When we put something on Steam, we can then talk about the global side of things. For us, the most important markets are Europe and the U.S. In addition, Asia is very interesting. Interestingly, we haven’t started marketing this project yet, and publishers from this region have already approached us. Now we’re in talks with them. Something to remember, however, Asia is a difficult market and requires a local approach. Throwing a game on Steam won’t do anything. When it comes to “WW3,” we would probably have to make a local map and have the main conflict spread to Asia. What is important is that the game we have on hand can be developed over the course of many years. We can add more maps along the way and add different factions around the world. Also, the game has another layer to it”

A bit baffled by the end part, the publication site wanted to know what the extra layer adds. Rosiński went on to explain:

“In addition to the fact that you can run, shoot and acquire points, we also have a system that actually changes the course of the game. For example, if players from Poland are very active and work together, they can take over Moscow. Actions like this have a real dynamic impact over the course of the entire game.”

Publication site also struck up another interview with The Farm 51 and the team believes that World War 3 “will prove to be a hit.” In addition to this, it seems like the game is coming together quite well, along with another project under the company’s belt, thanks to the following tweet.

World War 3 will go through an early access phase. This phase will be open to players for feedback and refinement on PC. Finally, you can learn more about this game by heading on over to


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