Updated: W/ARE And No Man’s Sky Continue Alternate Reality Game

[Update] W/ARE and No Man’s Sky subreddit have teamed up to continue the Alternate Reality Game or ARG, and have provided some fan-made games and projects (that are not real) as potential clues.

According to reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame and devkit.ware-tech.cloud, the two portals relayed the following information about the ARG projects below:

Two weeks ago, W/ARE launched a contest to select five studios to receive a W/ARE dev kit. We are proud to say that we received 682 applications from studios all over the world. We have made a shortlist of ten studios, and now it is up to you to select which of these projects you want to see in our top five.


One of our partnered games, No Man’s Sky, has agreed to help our top ten gain exposure by hosting the finalists’ pitches on their subreddit. You are invited to learn more about each project in their individual posts as they’re uploaded by their respective studios.

You can either head to the vote page or you can view some of the ARG “projects” below:

Beyond the Stars


The Drowned Tower

Tumbleweed: Winds of Change


Penrose Path: Know Thyself




Prismal Labs

You can learn more about each ARG “project” by clicking on each name or trailer as posted above.

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