Welcome To Hanwell, Open-World Horror Game Launches On PS4 For $19.99
Welcome to Hanwell

Steel Arts Software recently released their first-person, open-world horror game onto the PlayStation Store for the PS4. Welcome to Hanwell sees players venturing to the town of Hanwell, which was supposed to be a safe haven against all the horrors and terrible monsters roaming the Earth. Somehow, though, all those terrible monsters made their way into the once idyllic town of Hanwell.

The game seems to be a mix of concepts like Silent Hill and P.T., where players will spend some time exploring the city environments and attempting to find out what has caused Hanwell to become an unsettling, monster-filled place of horrors.

The launch trailer for the game depicts Welcome To Hanwell as a mix of horror-themed exploration with some light combat elements available as well. You can check out the trailer below.

The game obviously shows signs of being an indie title. However, props to Steel Arts Software for at least making it where players have the ability to fight back against the monsters instead of just being forced to stand around and taking the hits on the chin like a noob.

Too many horror games think that it’s scarier to force players to be helpless and useless when things start attacking them, like the weakling husband in Outlast 2, who could do nothing but use his camera and hide as if he were some kind of soy boy.

Of course, this doesn’t make Welcome to Hanwell some kind of masterpiece. The game has decent enough graphics, and the combat looks passable. A lot of the enjoyment factors are going to be based on how solid the gameplay loops are and whether or not the AI is competent enough to provide players with a decent enough challenge.

If you’re willing to take a risk on Welcome to Hanwell because you’re in need of a knockoff version of Silent Hill, you can grab a copy from the PlayStation Store for $19.99.


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