Workers And Resources: Soviet Republic City Builder Set To Enter Steam Early Access

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic

Now here’s a concept you don’t see very often in the world of gaming: a tycoon management simulator based around the Soviet era republic. Slovakian development studio 3Division announced that Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will be released soon as an Early Access title on Steam.

The game is themed around real-time city building based around a Soviet country aiming to upgrade its status from a poor town to an industrial superpower.

Players will take control of every facet of the city’s infrastructure, commerce, and growth as a rulling communist government.

It’s a very interesting concept, with cityscapes, buildings, and structures based around Soviet architecture from the 1960s up through the 1990s.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the Early Access trailer below.

This game reminds me a lot of Colossal Order’s City: Skylines – an indie game with a big vision.

As you can see in the trailer, you’ll need to establish transportation hubs, bring in building materials, and establish traffic routes so that your workers can acquire natural resources and efficiently get it from the mining deposits back into the city.

You’ll also need to take control of the farming, producing food and ensuring that all of your slaves – oops, I mean works, are properly fed and taken care of.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic really seems to take the the period-piece motif seriously, and I imagine this will be very popular among most native Eastern Europeans (the ones who haven’t been run off, raped, or killed).

The team plans on spending a decent amount of time working on the game, so don’t expect the full version to release anytime soon. They expect Workers & Resources to stay in Early Access anywhere between 12 months to two years.

You can learn more about this upcoming city building simulator by visiting the Steam store page.

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