Arc System Works And APlus Games Reveal Kill La Kill Game TV Spot

I’m pretty sure you know of Kill la Kill, right? Well, if so, there’s news that Kill la Kill the game will release sometime next year for gamers to try out. Additionally, new images, screenshots, and a TV spot have arrived for your viewing pleasure.

Kill la Kill will be getting a game in the future and slight details have surfaced. The “battle arena” title is currently in development as we speak and should obtain an actual gameplay trailer sometime soon.

In the meantime, this Kill la Kill game has Arc System Works as the publisher and APlus games as the developer. In other words, the team behind Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is developing Kill la Kill the game.

Furthermore, no platforms have been announced yet, which means Kill la Kill could launch for PS4, Xbox One or some other platforms. The good news is that the official website offers a bit more insight on the game, including screenshots showing off characters that will be in the title in question.

For starters, four screenshots join the above image, which shows off various characters in action. If you want, you can view the screens that have Arc System Works name plastered over them all right here:

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The video featured on Kill la Kill the game’s website contains no gameplay footage. This means that what you’ll be watching is a TV spot and not a trailer that depicts what the game has to offer in-engine or gameplay wise. With that said, the video comes in courtesy of Arc System Works‘ YouTube channel.

Last but not least, more information on Kill la Kill will be announced next month if you want to know more. From July 5th to July 8th in Los Angeles, California, Kill la Kill the game will appear at Anime Expo 2018, where Sushio, KlK’s character designer, and creative officer Hiromi Wakabayashi will be at the event.

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