Bandai Namco Reportedly Developing A New Tales Of Game For Consoles

Are you a fan of the Tales of games? There’s good news if you are, although information as of now is scarce, Bandai Namco reportedly announced — during a recent event related to said series — a new Tales of game is in development for consoles.

The Tales of games have quite the following in that people are interested in seeing what each installment has to offer. Additionally, the announcement of Bandai Namco working on a new installation in the series has fans curiosity piqued.

As noted above, not all that much is known about this Tales of game that’s in development, but we do know from Bandai Namco that it won’t be a spin-off or a remake of some sort. Instead, the title will be a “brand new entry” in the series like the 2016 edition, better known as Tales of Berseria.

The above information comes in from publication site Gematsu, which sourced the details on this Tales of game from

According to both sites, it’s reported that at the Tales of Festival 2018 event this “brand new RPG entry” in the Tales of series will be for consoles, which means a PS4, Xbox One or Switch version could be around the corner. Sadly, though, further info on platform exclusivity and a release date haven’t been shared just yet.

Lastly, the latter website, Famitsu, veered from the next Tales of game and shifted over to Tales of Vesperia — due to its 10th anniversary. However, Bandai Namco did announce plans for a 10th Anniversary Party at the Maihama Amphitheater on September 16th, 2018, meaning that more info on the next game could surface there. You can learn more about Tales of Vesperia and its 10th anniversary by hitting up its official website.

With all of that said, are you excited that a new Tales of game is in the works or are you more excited for Tales of Vesperia Remastered?


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