Black Paradox Summons Another, While Walter White is Going Mad

Black Paradox

Whether the DeLorean DMC-12 type Star Phoenix proves sufficient in raising hell against the Hellraisers, is a question pressing enough to warrant a video game.

Rogue-like shoot ‘em up even, that Italian Fantastico Studio is working on between spurts of Landflix Odyssey. I admit the teaser’s barely a few days old, but for now there’s not much that sets it apart from the usual array of 80s retrospective bullet-hell archetypes.

The pretext being that humanity hasn’t been very successful at exercising its control over the galaxy, allowing an assortment of warlords and space criminals to crop up. This means bounty hunters must play good-guy Han Solo, one such being Black Paradox who besides being the toughest of the lot, also has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Indeed the Star Phoenix lets him summon a doppelganger from another dimension, which is apparently meant to serve as the game’s USP besides also being the basis for its co-op functionality; player two functions as Orange Paradox, also from an alternate dimension.

En route to taking down Hellraiser chief Quantum Black and his six lieutenants, the above Paradoxes will harvest from their victims powerups, drones and chips, the last-mentioned of which will aid in boosting the Star Phoenix’s base stats/perks.

All in all a nice excuse for me to share some more Synthwave, courtesy of Black Paradox’s soundtrack, with more content planned post its release planned across Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The team claims to have lots of ideas and I’m inclined to  believe they’ll be good; Landflix Odyssey is doing well in terms of development post-Kickstarter and now finally features Going Mad, a Breaking Bad inspired world.

Here Larry must help Mr. White escape in his camper, fight mid-boss Victor Salamandra, before facing off against Gusteau Fringes of Pavos Hermanos fast food.

About five more worlds are pending development and polish preceding the final version, that will feature one Larry attempting to escape parodies of his favorite TV Shows.

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