Bus Simulator 18 Multiplayer Trailer Highlights Co-op Bus Traversal
Bus Simulator 18

The newest trailer to release for Bus Simulator 18 from Stillalive Studios and Astragon Entertainment covers the game’s multiplayer features and online functionality. For gamers who enjoy simulating the joys and everyday functionality of driving a bus around urban and suburban areas, you’ll likely want to scope out what’s in store for Bus Simulator 18.

The hook for the game is that you create and manage your very own bus company. You’ll be in charge of the amount of buses in your stable, how they operate, when they operate, and what the routes are.

The game takes place in a fictional European city called Seaside Valley, which seems very similar to Oberhausen and a bit of Stuttgart in Germany, which shouldn’t be too surprising given that the developers are German.

You can check out the newest trailer for the game below, showcasing some of the routes you can take via the synchronous multiplayer mode.

They showcase multiple players riding through the cities, meeting up at the turnpikes and venturing from the open highways in the rural areas, to the more compact city streets within the urban metropolis.

In addition to riding with other players across various routes, you’ll also be able to chat with your fellow bus drivers in real-time. There’s an option to switch routes with your fellow drivers, as well as work together under a single bus enterprise to complete tasks and expand your empire, or even take on a scheduled route of a colleague if they’re unable to complete it.

Another neat feature that Stillalive Studios added is the ability to step out of the bus and walk around on foot throughout Seaside Valley.

It’s rare that a game out there markets a zen-like feature of just being able to casually stroll around on foot, but that’s usually something you get from European and some Japanese developers.

Anyway, you can look for Bus Simulator 18 to launch on PC first starting June 13th, 2018 for $34.99. You can learn more about the game by checking out the Steam store page.


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