Code Vein New Video Trailer Shows Off The Deadly Invading Executioner

Bandai Namco has shared a new video of their upcoming September 27th, 2018, RPG, Code Vein, which is slated to drop on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In the new video, it contains the fast and deadly Invading Executioner, who brings a deadly pair of moves to the dark world of Code Vein.

Like any typical Code Vein video, we see the player die once again. Except this time around, the death happens to the Invading Executioner. Of course, the player’s partner performs a revive to keep the fight going, but the boss seems like she can be taken out quickly just as fast as she can take you out.

Furthermore, the Invading Executioner has a list of moves that she can whip out on vigilant fighters, consisting of slash dashes, standard swings, and a whirlwind attack where she uses her weapon like a pole to attack you.

Surely, she has more moves under her belt, but for now, all that we know is that she holds the following moves for the daring. If you want to check out what the Invading Executioner has at her disposal ahead of Code Vein’s launch, then you have the below video to look over thanks to Bandai Namco:

“You’ll have to plan out your attacks carefully if you want to survive a fight against the Invading Executioner.”

If I had to be honest here, the more I see of Code Vein, the more the game looks interesting to me. When Bandai Namco first announced the game, I had a hard time finding an interest in it, and it seems as if people have the same outlook as I do on Code Vein given the comments on the above video.

Anyway, you can keep an eye out for Code Vein’s release this September’s end, which the game itself will be available to pick up across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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