Creed II Trailer Teases Adonis Taking On Ivan Drago’s Son
Creed II

The original Creed movie seemed to crawl out of nowhere and give Sylvester Stallone reason to keep reprising his role as Philadelphia’s hero, Rocky Balboa. The series has had legs longer than Elle McPherson and still, somehow, seems to be going strong. The latest entry in the ongoing saga is a sequel to the 2015 outing, picking up where the last movie left off, not unlike Rocky II to Rocky.

The second movie, however, attempts to embed itself deeper into the mythos of the Rocky universe by bringing back one of Rocky’s most feared opponents, Ivan Drago. Well… not actually. The movie teases an opponent too powerful and too much for Adonis Creed, who is the son of Apollo Creed. We don’t see who this all-powerful opponent is, but throughout the trailer Rocky keeps alluding to him being too much for Adonis and that fighting in the ring cost Apollo Creed his life.

The trailer managed to trend to #1 on YouTube thanks to MGM paying to advertise the trailer practically everywhere.

However, the trailer also managed to gain quite a bit of chatter-boxing from Rocky and Creed fans because the mystery opponent that Rocky didn’t want Adonis to fight turns out to be none other than Ivan Drago’s son.

The best part about it is that during the weigh-in we see that Dolph Lundgren is back to reprise his role as the feared Russian fighter, Ivan Drago.

So basically, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren will be playing in a movie together yet again!

Some of the commenters on the YouTube video are kind of intrigued at the possible interactions between Drago and Rocky and Drago and Creed, especially since Ivan was the one who killed Adonis’ dad.

It’s also hilariously prescient that this film manages to come out during another Cold War-style confrontation between America and Russia, which is identical to the time when Rocky IV came out during the end of the Cold War between America and Russia.

I don’t know if Creed II will be able to capitalize on the box office appeal that Rocky IV had back when it released in 1985, but gosh darn-it it looks like MGM is working hard to scrap as many coins into the coffers from the current geopolitical tensions running rampant across fake news media.

You can look for Creed II to hit theaters this fall.


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