Dawn Of Man, Prehistoric Strategy Sim Will Have A Closed Beta In September
Dawn of Man Closed Beta

Madruga Works announced back in May that a new survival game is in the works called Dawn of Man. The game is set during 12,000 B.C.E., where players will work their way through the stone age and evolve up through the iron age. Recently the developer confirmed that a closed beta will take place in September ahead of the fourth quarter release.

Over on the Steam forums one of the developers hopped in to explain that there will be closed beta but no Early Access run for Dawn of Man

“There will be a closed beta (hopefully around September), when the time comes we will let everyone know how to apply.


“We intend to release the game as a finalized product, not early access.”

The game is set to launch first on PC at the end of this year, but it will arrive shortly thereafter for Xbox One and PS4.

The core of the game will start with basic hunter/survival skills, as you’ll need to hunt down animals for food and resources, and then skin them for their hide and bones, crafting tools in order to stay alive. A number of prehistoric animals will be present as well, including wholly rhinos, bisons, megaloceros, cave lions, and mammoths.

Like most other survival games, you’ll also need to gather food and ore in order to craft new gear and structures, as outlined in the announcement trailer below.

The game isn’t the typical first-person survival game, but is more of a real-time management and simulation strategy game, similar to titles like Virtual Villagers or Northgard.

And similar to Northgard, you’ll also have to gather resources for the harvest to keep your villagers alive through the harsh winters.

Upgrading your tech skills will also help you with researching new technologies and unlocking new structures to use in order to help your villagers survive. Madruga Works outlined how the tech tree will look and some of the 40 functional techs that will be available in the game.

As you can see, you’ll learn the basic hunting/gathering through the paleolithic age, and then additional crafting and survival skills through the Mesolithic age, eventually heading into the neolithic age, and then the copper age, and then the bronze age, and finally the iron age.

Unfortunately details on how to join the closed beta weren’t revealed, but expect those to arrive ahead of the closed beta test set to take place in September.

For more info on Dawn of Man be sure to visit the Steam store page.


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