Does The Decade Destroyer Actually Work? Beta Test Super 80s World and Find Out

Chances are you’re still looking back at the 80s with a pair nostalgia branded glasses like Michael Cowden has been, for the past three-odd years or so, and are not too pleased with Dr. Noid Wormser.

The 8-bit particle physics savant has apparently decided to spend his intellect on a Decade Destroyer 2000, a video game capable of twisting space-time fabrics to eliminate pretty much any period of years from the annals of pop culture.

Enter Dan Camaro, a man so concerned by his mullet that he’s willing to go back in time and collect every ounce of real-world, old-school memorabilia necessary. This, to foil Wormer’s grand scheme of course, because Super 80s World logic.

From the layout of its 40 levels to the VHS tapes/Cassettes/Cartridges that need collecting, Cowden’s obvious fascination with the decade is obvious; spread across four worlds spanning 1980 – 1984 and named Wonder Years, Arcadia, Miami Nice, Street Beatz respectively, the mobile platformer will see Dan Camaro jump, slide, backflip, dive bomb and teleport among other things.

His goal being that of facing off against Dr. Wormser, and yours of enjoying a growing tape collection. Besides wanting to humanely channel all the Synthpop possible, Cowden admits of the challenges faced when developing solo as he has been.

Things improved as he traded ideas with others within the sphere, even having a designer cast him a Marshmallow Man boss that he’s since roasted and even followed up with Halloween-themed levels for Super 80s World as of last year Blood Sport, Ghoulies & Gremlins, that sort of thing.

Real world feedback is invaluable, he stated at the time, aptly sending out a solicitation for beta testers of a completed build of the game this weekend past; all you’ll be needing is an iOS device and this Google Form to partake ahead of its release this fall. Also the official website.


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