E3 2018: Death Stranding Trailer Reveals Third-Person Stealth-Horror Gameplay
Death Stranding - Lea Seydoux

We finally know what Death Stranding is as an actual game. The gameplay is centered around a group of transporters who must reconnect humanity by delivering things to certain destinations. Why? We don’t know. However, what we do know, is that the game is an open-world exploration adventure of sorts, and it is in third-person, but it’s also a stealth-horror game.

In the single-player mode you will play as Norman Reedus’ character who must traverse a rather large landscape and deliver various objects, mementos and memories, but for what purpose? We still don’t know.

Along the way, however, there are threads of people trapped in death’s limbo. You can’t see them with your natural eyes, but you can sense them. There’s also a little baby in a tube that can pick them up like a radar. When the baby is attached to the radar device, it can use a photo-particle optical-descrambler to allow Norman Reedus’ character and the player to see the dead roped along the black soot.

You can check out gameplay trailer below.

So the aspects of Horizon: Zero Dawn are quite obvious in the Decima Engine. The open-world environmental renderings, and large swathes of plains, hills, and mountains open for traversal are definitely a hallmark capability of the engine.

In a bid to transport items, we can see that players will have to go through the hardships of scaling sometimes difficult and rather harsh terrain.

The added horror elements of attempting to avoid the dead-roped people adds an interesting twist to the gameplay.

The danger of the phantoms is that they fast-forward time for whatever they touch. We see this in the segment where the big thing stamping around and plants are growing and dying wherever it steps.

Death Stranding - Traveling

It’s not all hide-and-seek, though. According to Hideo Kojima, you will be able to fight back. The game features traditional third-person, over-the-shoulder gunplay. We don’t get to see how the guns work or how you’ll be able to kill those in the black soot, but it’s there.

Also the gameplay trailer introduced two additional characters played by Léa Seydoux from Blue Is The Warmest Color, and Lindsay Wagner from The Bionic Woman.

Death Stranding - Lindsay Wagner

I have no idea what’s up with Seydoux’s character, nor can I offer any help on explaining Lindsay Wagner’s character. Kojima was unwilling to tell Geoff Keighley what either of their roles are in the game, so you’ll just have to keep your wits about you and wait for more details.

Also, no release date is set. So more waiting will need to be done on that front.


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