E3 2018: Phantom Doctrine Trailer Sees Players Taking On Deep State
The Phantom Doctrine

Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games released the E3 story trailer for the upcoming game, Phantom Doctrine. The game is an interesting deep state espionage title, where you work as a covert operator running a small outfit that has been ousted from the CIA.

The narrative hook for the game is that deep state is on to you, and after discovering various ties to groups of powerful people, they begin to hunt down your team and assassinate your small band of splinter cells.

You’ll need to utilize deep cover tactics, organize missions, and attempt to infiltrate and expose the shadowy cabals pulling the strings for various world catastrophes. You can check out the trailer below, which poses some interesting possibilities for players to explore in the Cold War-themed espionage management title.

The game is set during 1983, and you’ll need to send your operatives on a variety of missions, some of which may involve retrieving important intel, while other times it’s about getting hostages out of a dangerous situations, and in some cases it’s about executing a specific target.

The game has a unique simultaneous turn-based system setup where players can organize and direct their operative’s actions and then play them out in real-time.

One neat feature is seeing the mixture of cinematics with the actual gameplay, where calling in sniper support will show a short sequence of the sniper firing from across the rooftop to hit their target. You can see what some of the gameplay is like with the video below from Graczpospolita.

The full version of the game will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will feature a 40 hour single-player campaign mode, along with the ability to preemptively get the edge in battle by acquiring and setting up assets around the world to help aid during battle, from reinforcements and air support, to covert operatives and heavy weapons.

You’ll also be able to customize each of your operatives, not unlike XCOM. You can outfit them with disguises and clothing to blend in, and send them on infiltration and scouting missions to help make combat easier.

You can learn more about Phantom Doctrine by visiting the official website.


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