E3 2018: Underworld Ascendant Trailer Doesn’t Quite Wow Gamers

Underworld Ascendant

OtherSide Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Underworld Ascendant from Warren Spector and Paul Neurath. It’s the spiritual successor to Ultima: Underworld, and it’s been highly anticipated by fans of the original Ultima. However, the E3 2018 trailer has left some gamers rather disappointed and with something to be desired.

The minute long trailer features a few seconds of fly-by shots of some of the dungeons you’ll be traveling and adventuring through, along with some of the actual gameplay that will make up the brunt of the interactive entertainment experience. This includes bow and arrow combat, magic abilities, and physics-based traps to waylay and incapacitate your enemies.

You can view the action taking place in the E3 2018 trailer below.

The trailer showcases players traversing through a dungeon, fighting against skeleton warriors. We see that you can pick off enemies using the bow and arrow set, as well as igniting traps by shooting down chandeliers that can crush anything underneath them… including the enemies.

Magic can also be utilized to the player’s advantage, as evident with the boxes being coalesced together like a makeshift bridge that allowed the player to reach a suspended platform over an endless pit.

Gamers aren’t too thrilled with what they’ve seen so far.

A lot of them have stated that it still looks very rough around the edges, and it’s true. However, the user rating seems to suggest that Underworld Ascendant may need more time in the oven.

Then again, maybe the actual gameplay will be a lot different when gamers and attendees get their hands on it during the live sessions at E3 at the Los Angeles Center.

The full game is expected to release in full this September on Steam. Let’s hope that the physics, enemy AI, and the combat flow are all ironed out by the time the game is ready for release, otherwise I can see Underworld Ascendant having a rough go of it when during the early launch days.