Fallout: New California Mod Set To Release On October 23rd

Looking for a good Fallout mod to dive into near the end of 2018? There’s good news for you in that the team behind Fallout: New California (a Fallout: New Vegas mod) will ship for public consumption come October 23rd. This PC mod forĀ Fallout: New Vegas also has a planned beta for release this summer.

Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas is two years out from turning 10, and while I’m sure you might like a new iteration or installment in the New Vegas setting to celebrate that, it looks like modders have you covered this year.

The latest mod prepping to debut during Q4 of this year comes Fallout: New California. The mod in question takes players to the 31st state of the U.S., in a post-apocalyptic setting, of course, Fallout-style.

If you’re looking for a reason to get back into Fallout: New Vegas, do know Fallout: California is a mod that spices up the west coast with all new things to discover, which you can look over right here via the “narrative trailer.”

The good news is that if you like the trailer and want to play Fallout: New California early, the devs are set to hold a beta sign-up trail during the month of July. As of course, you’ll be helping the team test the mod and squash bugs along the way, as noted below:

“We’ll be having BETA sign ups in July if anyone would like to come test the mod — the Main quest is now feature complete in the core narratives, and we have a cap over the parts that aren’t accessible (because there was no one available to code them. Mostly a two man operation here in New California’s CIC.)”

You can stay up to date on all things Fallout: New California by heading on over to the project’s Facebook or ModDB page.


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