Fart or Flight? Pixel.lu Wants Your September Spent Doing Both

I found pixel.lu making some rather odd jokes on Facebook the other day and really, I do not for a moment question where Sigi gets his from.

I suppose you wouldn’t expect any less from a game that promises a Fart for Melusina either; for just as Pokémon began with mom thinking it best you left Pallet Town in search of pocket monsters, Sigi’s advise is for him to head out in search of a wife.

Reminding him about his chicken too.

What Sigi: A Fart For Melusina looks like is 8-bits of a good time; with a bad case of flatulence, the Knight sets out on a quest to rescue a love affair atop Mount Stinkup. On the way there are absurd enemies to be had, loot/letters to be scavenged off secret caverns and platformed levels to be traversed in very classic manner.

The gassy ordeal is meant to last 30 minutes for the average speed-runner, or more for the story focused. It’s also not relatively new, having released sometime last December to a few fair chuckles plus updates/patches on Steam post a 7-month development cycle, and is already getting a sequel.

Sigi: Lost in Lululand is still some ways off, yeah, but as per a Fart for Melusina’s new extended trailer, the latter’s due for an Xbox, PS4, PS Vita and Switch release this September 21st. This will be preceded by the Steam release of Plutonium Pirates, pixel.lu’s next, which isn’t quite lacking in the silliness either.

The action adventure transpires amid the Democratic Republic of Kollesteroll and its growing stockpile of plutonium which you – a Dolph Lundgren sounding soldier with a misfiring chopper – are sent to make a mess of.

It’s said stealth is the best approach but that evidently seems like a task. 16-bits, CRT-filters, bonus games modes and full controller/mouse/keyboard support coming September 7th. And just in case you were wondering what else pixel.lu’s working on during coffee breaks…

Idle pose. And no he's not dancing the Macarena. Still not sure if he should have some sign or logo on the chest. Hard to do anything sensible with about 4 pixels.

Posted by Sebastian Kostka on Thursday, June 28, 2018


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