Fractured MMO Kickstarter Campaign Gets Underway June 25th, 2018
Fractured Kickstarter MMO

Dynamight Studios announced that the Kickstarter campaign for their isometric MMO, Fractured, will get underway starting June 25th, 2018 next Monday. The Kickstarter campaign will attempt to allow the developers to accrue enough funds to finish development for the Diablo-style action-MMORPG.

Now this isn’t to be confused with Unbroken Studios’ Fractured Lands, which is a game that crosses first-person survival shooting with Mad Max-inspired vehicular combat.

Dynamight Studios’ Fractured is a game where players create their own character, attempt to scavenge for weapons and build out their magical abilities. To give gamers a taste of what the upcoming title will be like, the developers released a gameplay video so you can see what they’re pitching.

The action takes place in the Arboreus Swamp, where two players are cooperatively working together to hunt down some monsters. We see some huts above the murky water, as well as thickets of trees and brush as players attempt to navigate the less than accommodating terrain.

Some point-and-move and click-to-combat mechanics are on display, but obviously the melee combat is a lot less fast-paced than the typical Diablo fanfare you might be accustomed to. There are some light magic attacks utilized to stun enemies, and the environment has that classic CRPG design to it that reminds me a lot of the old Baldur’s Gate games. I do hope that they manage to find their own kind of art-style that really separates them from the rest of the herd, since games like Path of Exiles also has a similar look, just darker and grittier.

Details on the character customization and the extent of the combat and magic system weren’t outlined, but that’s all coming soon along with the Kickstarter details.

The developers have been outlining their roadmap over on the official website, so if you want more details feel free to check it out over there.


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