Gunsmith Cheats Give You Infinite Money

Gunsmith Cheats

Seacorp Technologies’ Gunsmith came out at the end of May for PC as an Early Access title. The game is about building up your own munitions manufacturing company. For gamers who have picked up a copy of the game and are having a tough time making cash or progressing, there are some cheats available.

The cheat trainer is available both in free and premium forms as a download from

The cheats in the trainer for Gunsmith feature the following options:

  • +100,000 Money
  • -100,000 Money
  • 0 IDC
  • +100 IDC
  • -100 IDC
  • 0 Money
  • No Costs Per Day
  • No Heating Limit
  • No Electricity Limit

The trainer offers some free cheats so you can basically make yourself an infinite amount of dosh. The other cheats making it where you don’t have to pay for heating or electricity, which ultimately cuts down on your costs.

The actual game itself is based around starting up your own arms manufacturing plant, and you’ll need to apply for and acquire licenses in order to start producing military grade weapons, as well as having to go through the process of acquiring the rights to more dangerous munitions.

According to the gameplay description, you’ll start with combat gear such as clothing and armor, and as you establish a brand name and move up in the ranks, you’ll soon be able to produce knives, arms, bullets, and heavy artillery.

You’ll also have challenges in taking on private manufacturing requests, which may require you to ship illegal goods around the world to various clients.

Right now Gunsmith is still in Early Access, but the team ideally hopes to get it out within a year. They want to add more content to the game, including more story elements, bigger workshops, more mechanics, and an expansion on the manufacturing abilities. Despite being in Early Access, Gunsmith already has a very positive rating.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.