Hellblade Surpasses 1 Million Unit Sales Across Xbox One, PS4, PC

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 1 Million Sales

Ninja Theory announced that digital downloads of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice just surpassed 1 million unit sales across the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on Steam for PC.

The game launched back in August of 2017, originally for PC and PS4, but after this past year’s E3 it was announced that the game was launching for the Xbox One.

The news came courtesy of a tweet that was posted on June 22nd, 2018.

The tweet came alongside the recent start of the Steam summer sale, where a number of games are discounted and slashed in price. Hellblade, in particular, is being discounted during the Steam summer sale by 40% off for only $17.99 over on the Steam store.

The lead performance capture actress, German-born Melina Juergens, even managed to pick up a Game Award for her portrayal of Senua in Hellblade.

The game nearly broke even in sales two months after it launched, but managed to start generating profits three months after release when it sold 500,000 copies.

It took the game another seven months to sell an additional 500,000 copies.

For comparison’s sake, Hazelight’s A Way Out managed to sell 1 million copies in a matter of just two weeks.

What’s interesting is that the game only sold half of what A Way Out did in six times the amount of time it took for A Way Out to sell 1 million copies.

Nevertheless, expect from cinematic single-player games to head to the Xbox One now that Microsoft has acquired Ninja Theory as a studio. Either they’ll sink or swim, but given the current politically charged direction most studios are heading in within the gaming industry, don’t be surprised if they sink before they swim.