Hellbound, Retro-Inspired FPS Just Barely Succeeds On Kickstarter

Argentinian developers Saibot Studios announced that they managed to secure funding for their first-person shooter game, Hellbound. The retro-inspired shooter finished up its crowdfunding drive with $41,528, with a total goal of $40,000.

The team just barely scrapped by, because it was just five days before the Kickstarter completed that they were at 66% complete. They managed to ramp up the exposure and bring in the remaining funds to round out the crowdfunding drive.

Near the end of the Kickstarter the team also introduced a new Survival Mode for the free-to-play version of Hellbound currently on the Steam store, where the game is available in Early Access.

According to the developers, they’re now planning on getting knee-deep in development and fleshing out Hellbound in order to add more levels, improve the gameplay balance, tweak the weapons, expand the items, and add in a single-player mode.

Whether or not the game will live up tot he expectations of the 546 people who backed the game remains to be seen, but Hellbound is themed after being a really hardcore, fast-paced, gory, first-person shooter.

The game originally came onto the scene promising to bring back the gib-based combat that we were accustomed to in the old FPS games from the 1990s.

Players take on the role of a battle-hardened warrior who fights his way through all the hordes of minions that Hell can throw at him.

The gameplay is themed around being fast-paced and break-neck speed, with a lot of focus on players relying on tactically maneuvering through the stages and making use of the weapons in ways not unlike the 2016 outing of DOOM.

The real test will be how well the levels are designed, given that so far gamers really appreciate the combat mechanics that are currently available and they also really dig the gore.

It’ll be a while before Hellbound releases in full until around spring of 2019.


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