Here’s What An Expired Military Bot’s Three of June Looks Like
Three of June

Not sure if that was intentional or not, but when an unassuming bot starts up the terminal sitting at the end of a run-down tech. corridor, the next minute and a half grows preoccupied with a rather military android taking spawn.

Meanwhile the camera pans across the facility in particular; shots of oak trees, squirrels and elk are interjected with the destroyed forms of similar looking androids. The facility itself looks abandoned to nature before…Metal Gear?!

You’re probably wondering why I’ve chosen to begin my Monday summarizing Three of June’s shiny teaser. Truth be told developer Mike Garn wishes to keep all things narrative and gameplay under wraps for now, choosing to reveal these in the form of subsequent development updates.

‘I’d rather show people what I’m doing than tell them; it’s more engaging that way’, he says, while also inviting speculation. As far as I can there’s a certain aspect of player regeneration involves so maybe roguelike?

Additionally the destroyed droids are apparently ‘heroes’ of some sort while that certainly is a spawn room, as per Garn’s to-do notes. There’s a Pikachu-like sidekick involved too, as you’ll see propped up on the shoulders of our newly generated robot.

According to the official press-kit that’s subject to change, said sidekick is a cyber-toy bear whose little girl needs finding. You, expired military robot, have been reprogrammed to find it. If that sounds like a bit like The Terminator you’re right.

Three of June’s semi-open 2D world also claims to be inspired by the likes of Contra, Doom, Super Metroid, Alien and Short Circuit, with Garn working singlehandedly on all aspects of Art, Music and Programming.

Is he capable? Sure, the man comes with a background in Concept Artistry for a company called Treyarch, has dabbled in audio design circa 2000, and picked up programming over New Year’s.

At this precise moment he’s concerned with laying out the game’s core mechanics; with enemy AI in progress, he next intends to move towards building the first area of the game which will also provide him with perspective of his semi-open world plans.

These will probably be shown off at local conventions and provided sufficient interest is garnered, a crowdfunding campaign is likely for a 2020 release. Let him know if you’re interested.


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