Howdy, Stranger! Gunman Tales Now Provides Early Access to The Golden Valley

Did you happen upon Red Dead Redemption 2’s pre-order bonus/special edition announcement?

I was quite so enamored by the Collector’s Box but anyhow, Tibor Fobel doesn’t claim to have been inspired by any of it. Rather by the likes of Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight and Cabal, which figures into the developer’s pixel art dispositions.

In very spaghetti western fashion, Gunman Tales lets you play Clint Eastwood bounty hunter in search of one Legendary Lost Treasure. All we know of said Treasure is that it sits somewhere in Golden Valley, the map to which happens to be torn in four and scattered across the wild west.

Now there are a multitude vying for the loot, no question, which means plenty of gunfights in side-to-side 3D perspective. These are interjected by exploratory segments across the game’s overworld map and its various towns, each featuring hot spots of Gunshops, Saloons, Shamans, Doctors and Sheriff’s to name a few.

Each has a purpose to play; visiting the Sheriff provides for assorted bounty opportunities on your main quest, for instance, while Shamans indulge in trade, Saloons in card games and Gunshops in the latest of revolvers. Werewolves too, that you may attempt to hunt via side quests under the full moon.

An assortment of contemporary special items may be collected or stolen from your victims, stored in your inventory and after a hard day’s work, you’re even permitted to return home to restore lives. In its current Early Access situation, Gunman Tales features 2 towns and 12 action packed stages of enemies.

Fobel intends to add to these, and the 8 special items, 12-odd in-game achievements and 41 Steam ones, by developing new side quests, enemies, items and even game modes a la Train Robbery. As it stands, you’re permitted to take up to 3 friends along in local turn-based multiplayer.

On Steam.


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