Hunt: Showdown Will Add Crossbows, Sticky Explosives, And A Swamp Devil
Hunt Showdown

Crytek announced that there are new weapons and a new monster coming to their very unique PvEvP game, Hunt: Showdown. The upcoming update will add four new weapons to the mix, and one new enemy. The vintage crossbow will make its debut, along with throwing knives, a hand-crossbow, and sticky explosives.

The vintage crossbow is a large weapon designed for stealth kills. You can use it to silently take out foes at mid-range, while the throwing knives are a lightweight alternative for close-quarters combat designed to take out your opponents without making a noise.

The hand-crossbow is a portable version of the vintage crossbow and it fits into the sidearm pistol category. I imagine it doesn’t do as much damage as the larger crossbow?

Additionally there’s the stick explosive bomb, which is a barbed bomb that sticks to walls and other surfaces when thrown. You can see what the weapons are like in action with the E3 2018 trailer below.

As you can see, the highlight of the crossbows is that they are silent but they take a while to reload, which can seriously disrupt your combat tactics depending on what’s going on.

We also see that arrows get lodged in the environment, they don’t disappear. This allows players to retrieve the bolts in case they miss.

Lastly, we see a brief glimpse of the new monster, which is called a Water Devil. We don’t know exactly what it is, but it only traverses through the swamps and bayous, and it appears to have some dangerous tentacles at its disposal.

The game itself is actually pretty cool insofar that you team up with another player and attempt to hunt down a large monster before a group of other players finish the job. You don’t have to engage in PvP but you can. The atmosphere and setting is also pretty unique, insofar that it combines co-op play with horror-survival elements.

You can learn more about Hunt: Showdown, which is currently in Early Access right now, by visiting the Steam store page.


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