Impulsion, Portal-Style Platformer Is Targeting The Most Masochistic Speedrunners

Pladius Games and Driving Force Games announced that Impulsion, a Portal-style first-person puzzle-platformer, is set to arrive on the Steam store starting July 19th, next month.

The new first-person puzzler is a bit of a head trip. You see instead of just jumping around like a rabbit using a springy erection to traverse an obstacle course, you have two guns at your disposal in Impulsion. The objective is to use the two guns to spring higher and to slow down your fall.

The blue sphere allows you to jump higher, while the red sphere slows down your fall and allows you to perform a second jump. You’ll need to alternate and mix and match how you use each weapon in order to progress through increasingly difficult obstacle courses, as depicted in the gameplay trailer below.

The game will feature three main modes: a Story Mode where you’ll attempt to play through the levels progressively, and find out exactly what’s going on and why. A Competitive Mode where you’ll attempt to complete the challenging levels in order to get the highest score and top the global leaderboards. And then there’s the Speedrun Mode, where players will have an in-game timer and attempt to play through a series of levels as quickly as possible.

The gameplay – as depicted in the trailer above – is extremely fast. In fact, I was quite shocked at what sort of pace they were presenting to players, as a requirement for them to get through some of those areas. You’ll have to dodge traps, place down the spheres, bounce off the red orbs and find a rhythm in order to get through the levels as quickly as possible.

It’s already hard to follow some of the action from the trailer, let alone think about how you would actually play through some of those challenges. I imagine only the most ardent of speedrunners would put themselves through the masochistic rigor to perfect the coordination and reflexes to top the leaderboards and beat the Speedrun Mode like taking a jog in the park.

Heck, I can already imagine that the speedruns of this game on are going to be insane to watch. I also get that tickling feeling in the pit of my gut that isn’t just a spicy burrito performing gestational lucha libre, that Impulsion will likely end up becoming a fan-favorite if it’s ever presented during SGDQ.

You can look for Impulsion to land on Steam starting July 19th. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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