Infinitesimals New Trailers Show Off Specially Made Animations And Physics

Cubit Studios is only a two-man team, and the amount of proprietary work the two have come up with is pretty impressive. Their current project is Infinitesimals, which runs on Unreal Engine 4, and is currently slated to release on PC via Steam.

Ultimately, I don’t think I need to explain Infinitesimals. The developers released an overview trailer back in August of 2017 explaining what Infinitesimals has to offer at its core:

In Infinitesimals you will be able to control micro aliens that will be able to move around freely. Guns, procedurally crafted physics-based animations and destructible environments are a thing in this game, as seen below:

Another new video released not too long ago shows how damage and animations intertwine, where if you take too much damage, animations will slow down and will affect running speed and how the micro alien moves:

Speaking of animations, we can see how the pod vehicle, when upgraded, handles on wheels. The first video trailer shows how the pod operates on hoof-like limbs, except this time we get to see it slipping around on ice and riding stable on solid surfaces:

The devs also posted another video of the game on June 23rd, which shows grass appropriately reacting to wind motion/physics. However, the grass is non-material based, which means proper collisions are in the works:

A much older video also reveals that Infinitesimals has a day and night cycle, which in this case is sped up for your viewing pleasure:

Lastly, we get to hear how sound is actuated based on distance and speed. You can check out the newly posted video right here:

The game is still in development and has no release date as of this moment. Progress seems to be going well for the two developers, which if you want to keep up with Infinitesimals you can visit or


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