Iron Harvest Update Focuses On AI Avoidance And Map Editor Tools

King Art Games updated Iron Harvest’s official website to reflect the second DevBlog update, detailing how the AI avoidance system is coming along, whether or not mod/map editing tools will ever happen, and more. Iron Harvest is currently set to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The second DevBlog contains quite a bit of info on what’s happening with Iron Harvest and what gamers and fans alike can expect from the forthcoming tactical mech strategy game. However, if you wish to read the full update post on you can, or you can read the abridged version below.

Given that you picked the abridged version over the full version means there’s no time to waste. Firstly, Thomas J. (Technical Director) job is to set up and integrate unit avoidance. At one point, Thomas and team kept experiencing mechs and squads clipping through each other. After some tests and tweaks, here is a short (pre-alpha) clip of what the AI avoidance system looks like right now:

Next up comes destructible environments. As it stands now, it’s unlikely that you’ll see an entirely flattened battlefield without any remaining cover. There will always be parts of buildings and other structures still standing, that, even when broken, will still be usable as cover.

Also, indestructible trenches will be a thing, accompanied by the works of engineers — who can construct fences, barriers and so on — while mechs themselves can provide cover for your infantry units, too.

On to modding and map tools. According to the devs, unfortunately, mod and map editing tools are said to be hard to develop with the Unity engine. Despite there being difficulty in this very department, the devs highlight that these tools shouldn’t be ruled out as a post-launch feature.

And finally, we learn what’s going on right now with team size, how the game is coming along, and what to expect from DevBlog #3:

“The team is growing and the game is getting bigger and better every day. We will continue making Iron Harvest the best RTS you have played in a looong time.


For our next month‘s DevBlog #3 we are planning the following topics: Gameplay Spotlight „Mechs & Destruction“ (for real this time), Team Spotlight: „3D Character/Unit Artists“.


That’s a wrap for DevBlog #2! We hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know what you think and tell us how to improve it!”

You can learn more about Iron Harvest by heading on over to or As mentioned above, the RTS game will debut sometime in 2019 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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