Love is Dead, but All You Really Want is Pancakes And Pets

You may have happened upon a few twists to the Zombie genre in your lifetime, but pancakes? Pets? A comical cuddle-fest? What?

I Saw Her Standing There and now Love is Dead. Not that I’m feeling particularly poetic this morning but those are actually the names of the same game; the latter being a proper Steam release as of the 31st of May.

For quite some time now, I Saw Her Standing There has spanned a series of web-based flash games by the formerly krangGames studio of Curiobot. And while they may have varied in the odd game-play mechanic, the themes of light-hearted/romantic life after death have persisted.

In that regard then Love is Dead is no different; the white picket-fence lives of two anonymous lovers, a dog called Dogface and a cat called Catface are only briefly interrupted by a piano, anvil and a school bus, respectively, that drop dead on their heads.

The time of their demise also turns out to be the world’s; yet because these ‘sweethearts’ in particular had a whole lotta love, their brains/hearts manage to stay intact upon zombie awakening while the rest bobble around mindlessly.

I’ll leave for you to decide how far all the above falls in the way of plausibility but anyhow, said lovers cannot truly smile until they’ve recovered their undead pets. Now only if they knew where they’ve been buried.

Love is Dead stands apart from its predecessors in being developed upon the Unity game engine. What this provides for besides a Z-axis are over 200 handcrafted levels of the action/puzzle kind, interconnected by a non-linear world map.

Through cartoony museums, graveyard shifts, volcanoes and the like, players are tasked with unlocking secrets, overcoming logical hurdles, collecting pancakes/photographs, meeting strangers and the like en route to the Pet Cemetery.

And yet I don’t think Curiobot knows what the pancakes are doing in this mix either.


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