Lovecraft’s Untold Stories Delayed To June 28th

The grasp of the mighty delay has struck once again, except this time it isn’t that long, a week to be precise, and its victim happens to Blini Games’ Lovecraft’s Untold Stories. The game in question will now release for PC via Steam Early Access on June 28th.

The upcoming Lovecraftian game, billed for a PC via Steam release, has been delayed. This means if you want to explore the act of fighting cultists and uncanny monsters and you’re not sick of the rogue-like genre, the usual stuff like improving your skills, weapons, and gear will still be a thing out of reach.

In addition to the above features found in the horror game, looking for clues and information about the Old Ones and the Outer Gods, and solving puzzles and challenges will be more than present come June 28th.

We know this thanks to a letter Blini Games released on Steam, which reads:

“We’ve got some news to share with you, investigators. As you know, we announced that we were releasing Lovecraft’s Untold Stories today. But the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones must be wary of the game getting out and warning everyone about the lurking horrors of the universe, and soon they started plotting to delay us.


We found technical problems that we really wanted to fix before we released the game. We worked as hard as we could until the very last minute, but in spite of our best efforts, we couldn’t fix them in time for today – and we want the game to be in the best shape for you, even if it’s Early Access.”

The letter continues and reads that the team would like to fix the game up so that it won’t have to release with a slew of patches:

“Therefore, we had to take a very difficult decision – to delay the release a few days until we can fix these problems and the game is polished enough for you to play it. Fortunately, we know exactly what we have to do.


Lovecraft’s Untold Stories will be released next week, on June 28. We apologize for the troubles and thank you for your patience and support. We are looking forward to putting the game in your hands and facing the creatures of the Mythos together with you.”

You’ll be able to grab a copy of this game next week. Of course, the indie game is billed to ship out for PC as of this moment and will launch on Steam Early Access.

In the meantime, you can either head on over to Lovecraft’s Untold Stories Steam page by using the given link or you can watch an older Alpha Beta Gamer.


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