Lovecraft’s Untold Stories Gains New Combat Mechanic Ahead Of Release

Blini Games is set to release Lovecraft’s Untold Stories this week, and while the PC game is only a few days out from public consumption via Steam Early Access, the devs published an update stating that the combat system has been overhauled with a new shooting mechanic.

I know the words “overhaul” before a game’s release probably spells out trouble, right? Well, at this point it’s unclear if the overhaul happened recently or a while back, but the game now flaunts “a 4 axis shooting mechanic” instead of its older 2-axis setup.

Speaking of new stuff, the next “weapon” added to the game is Molotov cocktail. Of course, this too arrives ahead of its official Early Access debut:

Hopefully, the indie devs don’t bite off more than they can chew and land themselves in hot water with never-ending updates that could potentially break the game or postpone it from its June 22nd launch date.

Moreover, we also learn from another update related to the game that two enemies will come in the form of a flying fungus-like creature and an octopus-looking entity. The former is the fast Mi-Go, the fungi from Yuggoth, while the latter force is the strong, bulky Star Spawn, which is said to be the offspring of Cthulhu.

The point behind the devs sharing this information about Lovecraft’s Untold Stories to fans via Steam’s update section stands as a promotional campaign to bolster up awareness before the game drops on June 22nd.

It’ll be interesting to see how this game will perform and if it will be just another rogue-like indie game with an H.P. Lovecraftian spin to it or if it will separate itself from the flood of other games sporting said content with its own merits? Time will surely tell with this one as we inch near its release. In the meantime, you can hit up the first, or second update post or its Steam Early Access page for more info.


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