Lovecraft’s Untold Stories Now Available For PC Via Steam Early Access

Blini Games reported not too long ago that Lovecraft’s Untold Stories faced a delay due to polishing and bugs. Well, it looks like the late June release is no longer a thing and the rogue-like game is now available to purchase for PC via Steam Early Access.

Back on June 22nd, the devs behind the now released Lovecraftian game had a delay date of June 28th. Fans of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories or those curious as to what the game had to offer had to wait until a magical change happened on June 23rd.

Blini Games announced that Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is now available and the act of battling cultists and unruly monsters and the usual rogue-like stuff is now accessible via PC.

The shift from a late June release to a now playable build of the game is explained below courtesy of the Old Ones not having a fasten grip on the devs:

“Dear all,

Greatest news! We have managed to complete every issue on time, and the game´s been released today, with just a few hours of delay!


Click that “Buy” button and show the Great Old Ones that we are not as helpless as they think!”

If you’re looking to snag a copy yourself, look for Lovecraft’s Untold Stories to run for $12.99 as of this writing — unless the current summer sale or another deal lowers the initial price.

In addition to the above, you can see how the game plays out yourself by heading on over to its Steam Early Access page and watching the official trailer, or you can pick up the game right now through the given link.

If you want to play things on the safe side and see what this game has to offer from afar, you can watch the May released trailer right here:


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