Myst Complete Saga Now Available On
Real Myst Masterpiece

The complete Myst saga is currently available over on after having gone through a successful crowdfunding campaign to bring the Myst. 25th anniversary collector’s edition back for today’s generation of gamers.

You can purchase the entire Myst saga right now for $49.95 over on the store page.

During the first week of availability you can get the entire package for up to 59% off the normal price. So you’ll only pay $20.15 for a total of five games.

Separately, each of the game’s can be purchased for anywhere between $5.99 and $17.99. The most expensive is the Real Myst Masterpiece Edition, which is $17.99 and is the upgraded and remastered version of realMyst with improved visuals, cleaned up code, and better fine-tuning so that it’s the best running and best looking version of Myst available.

No matter which version of the game you get, there’s a number of bonus items that come digitally packed into the purchase, including each of the games’ manuals digitally recreated for your perusal, and in some cases the full soundtrack, desktop wallpapers, and behind-the-scenes making of videos.

Also, of course, each and every single one of the games are DRM-free, so you don’t have to worry about any of that pesky Denuvo anti-tamper software or SecuROM ruining your gameplay experience as you waste hours upon hours of trying to get the game to run while the DRM ruins your free time like illegal immigrants ruin the lives of Conservatives.

You can grab separate copies of Myst right now or you can get the entire Myst saga in the collection bundle by hitting up But keep in mind that the discount for each of the games – ranging from 50% off up to 65% off – will only be available during the first week of availability. So if you were planning on getting the games, now would probably be a pretty good time while they’re discounted by more than half off.


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