Nintendo Switch Users Perma-Banned From Online Play For Using Pirated Software
Nintendo Switch Bans

The Nintendo Switch backup, homebrew and piracy scene is exploding after the console was hacked earlier this year. Some gamers have already managed to install versions of Linux on their Switch units, and have begun utilizing the system for a lot of homebrew applications. Others, however, have been attempting to make backup copies of games as well as attempt to pirate games and play them through hacked Switch units. While some of the games are playable through hacked Switch units and you can play them online, some of the users who have attempted to play pirated or backup copies of Switch games via the Nintendo Network are getting banned.

Back in May, 2018 Nintendo Life originally reported that those with hacked consoles were getting banned by Nintendo, receiving an error message if they attempted to use their hacked console for online play.

On June 21st, 2018 IGN is reporting that Nintendo has stepped up their game, and now they’re permanently banning some users from using the Nintendo Network if they’re detected as using pirated software.

It started with a tweet and escalated from there.

Official Nintendo Switch carts have certification identifiers, and when the game goes online Nintendo runs a check to make sure that the software cert isn’t duplicated or pirated.

YouTuber Spawn Wave went a bit further to examine the claim that the game cart itself will be banned, and discovered that if you make a dump of a game and attempt to use the dump online, the dumped version will be banned but the original cart will still work.

Spawn Wave points to the GBATemp forum for users who have been verifying the different ways in which users are being banned for going online with games that aren’t being run from the original cart.

So basically, if you hacked your Switch, dumped your games, and you’re running copied games on your hacked Switch, be sure to avoid going online or playing them online, otherwise you could get hit with a permanent ban.


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