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1549680cookie-checkNobunaga Ambition Taishi Cheats Grant You Infinite Policy Power, Max HP
28 June 2018
2.11 min read

Nobunaga Ambition Taishi Cheats Grant You Infinite Policy Power, Max HP

Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga Ambition: Taishi recently made its way to the West for the PS4 and PC. The grand strategy game set in Feudal Japan has always managed to find itself a solid niche audience of a few thousand players who enjoy boring themselves with the trivial pursuits of a soldier willing to conquer the land through war and diplomacy. If you made the mistake of thinking you could breeze through the game with a few simple clicks, and now you’re regretting that decision because it requires a lot of time and dedication, don’t worry about it, ace. There are cheats for that.

There’s a free cheat trainer available to download from the Mr. Antifun page.

The trainer contains the following cheat options for Nobunaga Ambition: Taishi:

Infinite Policy Power

Max Officer Stats

Infinite Soldiers In Base

Max Base HP

Set Gold

The policy power cheat is useful for those who need to get policies through without having to grind up your policy power. The other cheats to set the provisions, gold, horses and muskets mean that you don’t have to worry about grinding up resources in order to build up a stable army in order to conquer neighboring nations.

There are a few caveats to utilizing the cheats, though. First you’ll need to activate the infinite soldiers in the base and the base HP cheats, and then go to your base and click on the Base Information icon. This will then enable the cheats and your base HP will be a lot higher.

For the officer stat cheat, first activate it and then go into your base and click on the Officer Information icon and select the officer who you want to apply the cheat to. Also be sure to turn off the cheats once you get done giving your base and officers the max stats because if you accidentally click on an enemy base while the cheats are still on, you’ll end up giving the enemy those cheat effects as well.

The game itself is the 15th installment in the Nobunaga’s Ambition series. It features an all new resolve system where each clan has their own “Resolves”, and will require various strategies around dealing with the officers from those clans. It also sports all new civil and diplomatic strategy systems, which Koei Tecmo claims have been revamped to give players more depth and layers to dealing with the civil strategy of maintaining prominence in the land and keeping in good favor with the plebeians.

And they’ve made it possible for more than 2,000 soldiers to appear on the map at a time. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi is currently available for $59.99 over on the Steam store.