Orion – Shadow of Jeroba, a Possibly Familiar Mythos and a Vivid Color Palette

Superficially at least, the press brief of Orion – Shadow of Jeroba reads not much unlike the other rogue-like RPG’s. In fact on a cloudy Monday, it might even seem like I’ve covered the game before; read Atone, or ITTA, for instance.

Orion has you catering to the Jeroba, inhabitants of an enigmatic world of geometrically distinct planes and shapes; cubist, as Almost Games Studio puts it. There’s a fallen god in there too and in between saving the former from unexpected visitors to their land, while restoring power to the latter, you’re to turn hero.

Will you be strong enough to defeat those kind of monster 🤔 ?

Posted by Orion The Game on Saturday, May 12, 2018

In a nutshell what this is then is a journey across at least 4 unique biomes of the jungle, desert and assorted variety, each of which are also aerial in nature. The goal being to climb something called the Kardia, survive against its elements and scrap it altogether to liberate the Jeroba.

Yeah, it’s the sort of mythos you’re much too familiar with at this point but Almost Games Studio would rather you have some numbers anyway; Orion will see you contending with beasts on land and mid-air, up to 36 of these that possess distinct skill sets, lurk among the cubes and hold many mysteries.

With these reporting to 6 or so bosses of the ‘epic’ nature, it’s only natural you’ll need to make a few friends akin to the Jeroba. This so that you may foster skills, weaponry and magical powers of your own, that you may combine to create unique tactics against Orion’s non-linear progression.

Why have I been following it with close interest then? Visually at least it’s a pleaser, and I’d venture so far as to say that it stands slightly apart from the aforementioned rogue-like’s in its vivid use of color. The music’s just as apt and the new game-play footage teaser puts it all together nicely.

For now Orion – Shadow of Jeroba is sticking to the roadmap displayed on its website; with a bare-bones prototype put together over March – April, the development duo Clément and Stephane are yet to reveal their purpose for July and after.

Hello ! We continue to work on our first trailer, and today we would like to show you another Jeroba ally called Bozu. He's an oracle and seems to have a deep understanding of Kardia.

Posted by Orion The Game on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Instagram chatter indicates that publishers are being sought with full-production intended for a Q4, 2018 period.


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