Pine Pushes Back its Q4 2018 Release, While Albamare is Savvy as Ever

Articles, theses, presentations even are claimed to have been created by Twirlbound for its very many testers and this, only to figure what works for Pine and what doesn’t.

Which seems like an intelligent way to proceed about things, considering this action adventure has co-founders Marc Peyré and Matthijs van de Laar applying concepts of adaptive A.I. to a very non-hardcore open world.

What presumably makes the pine woods of Albamare altogether different, besides the fact that humans are yet to reach the top of the food chain, is that this has allowed the rest of its inhabitants to advance in intellect, language and culture.

When the existence of a nearly irrelevant tribe of humans is thrust into uncertainty Hue, an introverted young adult, is led to fend for his kin across a linear storyline with dynamic exploratory elements.

This provides grounds for Hue, and you, to learn much of Albamare’s strange world and Twirlbound’s adaptive intelligence. It’s possible to live off the island, sure, and while you’re doing so by forging tools, equipment and techniques, the world continues to evolve regardless of your meddling.

This means power shifts, as species go extinct, retreat in hibernation from Pine’s dynamic day/night/weather cycle, or adapt their interactions with you based off neural network technologies; aggressive players are to be met with defensive creatures and vice versa, simply put.

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Posted by Twirlbound on Friday, November 24, 2017

But all of the above’s part of a Kickstarter/Greenlight pitch that’s well over a year old and Pine still has a few ways to go before being release ready. It’s likely it won’t be making its estimated Q4 2018 release date, but on the plus side the inhabitants of Albamare have since turned goal-oriented action planners.

What this allows for are roles, that each organism will take up within their tribes at their chief’s command, fulfill, and even plan their routines for the day. This will be observable by players and is now fully functional across Pine’s simulation alpha, with a very real infrastructure and economy also implemented across the woods.

Hue can now additionally swim, eat on the go and will soon be able to take a nap/whip up Mixtures to sustain a newly implemented energy system. The world, side quests and main plot meanwhile continue to grow dense with new species, elements and props.

A major announcement has also been hinted at for the current/following months; come follow along.


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