Racing Apex Trailer Showcases Retro Sega-Inspired Arcade Racing For A New Generation
Racing Apex

Lucky Mountain Games’ Racing Apex is still heavy in development, still moving through the design phase with all the verve and fervor of a hotheaded stock car driver trying to burn the coding rubber and tear up the asset asphalt in order to reach the pole position. The indie team let loose a brand new minute video previewing one of the beachfront racing circuits you’ll be racing across in Racing Apex.

The track is the Route 101 Circuit, with a sunny sky overhead, some calm waters on the side and a few beach-facing houses adorn the road, giving gamers a rather homey and welcoming feeling as they zip around the turns and overtake opponents at high speeds.

You can check out the trailer below, showcasing more of the racing mechanics, car physics, and damage modules.

The vehicle on display is a Lamborghini-esque roadster. We get to see multiple perspectives of the race where we get the chase cam, the cockpit view and the hood view.

The track transitions from beachfront properties to mountainous caves and then back to the sandy viewscape.

We get to see how players will need to race aggressively to avoid getting caught up in the tumultuous carnage caused by other racers, where collisions and accidents are a frequent occurrence while out on the track.

What’s also interesting to note is that the AI opponents aren’t just gliding along a path avoiding each other, they, too, are also engaged in some bumping and shunting even while the player isn’t in view. This creates a far more dynamic racing environment where anything can happen and the outcome of a race is completely unpredictable.

It reminds me of the natural evolution of what we should have received from series like Virtua Racing.

I’m glad Lucky Mountain Games exist to bring us a new-gen arcade racer that not only attempts to rekindle nostalgia, but also add all new gameplay mechanics and playability to the fold as well.

There’s no release date set for Racing Apex, but you can follow along with the development by visiting the Racing Apex Twitter page.


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